20 years under Putin: a timeline

On March 31, the Institute of Modern Russia’s website, imrussia.org, has ceased publishing. The website will remain online and will be maintained as a digital archive with all the articles preserved and freely accessible.


Photo: Natali Alba | Alamy Stock Photo.


We have been with you for 11 years and are immensely grateful for your interest in our work and for your support. We hope that our research, analyses, interviews, and other materials have helped you better understand the political, social, legal and economic mechanisms of the political regime that has developed in Russia under Vladimir Putin.

Sincerely yours,

— The IMR team


Before we draw the curtain, take a look at IMR’s most-read articles of all time:

  1. How Gazprom Snoozed through the “Shale Gas Revolution” by Olga Khvostunova, February 5, 2013
  2. Russia’s Invisible Children The unrelieved plight of Russia's homeless youth, by Olga Khvostunova, May 31, 2012  
  3. Putin’s Far-Right Friends in Europe, by Elena Servettaz, January 16, 2014  
  4. Putinism and the European Far Right, by Alina Polyakova, January 19, 2016 
  5. Totalitarianism and Freedom of Speech, by Alexander Podrabinek,  June 24, 2014 
  6. Those Who Unleash a War on Ukraine Will be Damned by the Russian People.” Russia’s Opposition on the Ukraine Crisis, March 6, 2014
  7. Russia’s Military Is a Paper Tiger in the Baltic, by Matthew Bodner, August 26, 2015
  8. The Fate of the Nashi Movement: Where Will the Kremlin's Youth Go? By Tatiana Stanovaya, March 26, 2013
  9. FARA and Putin’s NGO Law: Myths and Reality, by Vladimir Kara-Murza, May 9, 2013  
  10. Stanislav Belkovsky: “The System Must Be Destroyed, Not Reformed. An Entirely New One Must Be Created,” by Olga Khvostunova, April 10, 2012